GEO2NOR team is happy to announce that the GLOBAL GEOROUTES APP is now available for free ! Is now possible to play games and learn more about our fantastic areas! Download it for free and start to enjoy in our fantastic territories! Smart Guides and TurfHunt are ready to be explored!

The Geoparks app is sending for approval to Apple and it will be available in 10 days, it will be possible find digital guides and games to play in the Northern Georoutes area!

Magma Geopark staff and TORA tourist traffic were presenting the GEO2NOR project at ITB in Berlin last week! More than 300.000 visitors got the chance to book a trip to the partner´s areas!  

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The bid for the GEO2NOR booking system has been closed the 20th of January, the consortium got 4 proposals that are going to be analysed next week!

The NGRQP is under construction, it will be send to all companies selected next monday . It includes all the technical details that Northern Georoutes needs to get in order to choose the most easy way to set up a common booking system browser. Companies will have one month to reply and the consortium will […]

The kick off meeting of GEO2NOR second part has been finalised successfully on Iceland. The partner from Greenland and Faroe Iceland enjoyed the consortium and they will contribute with their expertise and new tours from Greenland and Faroe Islands. The second part will run from November 2013 to November 2014. It will be mainly address […]

The Northern Georoutes web page will be launched during the European Geoparks Conference in the Cilento e vallo di Diano Geopark, in Italy next September 2013. The project will be presented as oral presentation by Sara Gentilini  ( Magma Geopark) and Robina Barton (Shetland Geopark).

GEO2NOR II has been financed by the NORA fund in order to set up the booking system relating to the packages we are developing in the first round and develop further the Northern Georoutes. During the second step the consortium will analyse the possibility to set up a tailored tourism association with legal identity in […]

  The European Geoparks Conference will be host in the Cilento e Valle di Diano European Geopark in Campania next 4-6 September 2013. The conference thema will be: “Geoparks as an innovative approaches for raise public awareness on geohazards, climate changes and sustainable uses of geo‐resourses”. EUROPEAN CONFERENCE 2013