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Northern Georoutes

Find the perfect solution for an unforgettable tour in the Nordic Countries: choose one or all of our offers and don´t hesitate to contact us if you need help or if you like to set up a personalised tour!


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Here some suggestions of Air Companies you can check to explore Northern Georoutes:

Scandinavian airlines

Icelandic airlines

Loganair airlines, Scotland

Flybe airlines, Scotland

Atlantic Airways airlines, Faroe

Air Canada, Canada 

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Transport Rental

This feature will be available in September 2014

You can easily rent a car, a bike, ride a horse or drive a boat to discover the Geopark highlights!

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Acommodation ,

This feature will be available in September 2014

There is a wide selection of accommodations covering

all budget needs from camping areas to upper class hotels.

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Event Planning

Here you can find a listing of events from our partner locations: it can help you to choose the time that is perfect for your journey!


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Why Choose Us

We work with the most professional and competent tourism operators in our areas.

We have been developing our regions to ensure quality experiences for you for a very long time.

We live, work and play in the regions you will visit and we will provide you with personal service: you can reach us when convenient for you, 24 hours a day.

We have developed all the experiences to promote sustainable tourism practices, this is our favourite feature!



Northern Georoutes Travel expert


Magma Geopark

Pål Thjømøe

pal reduced

Manager and project creator of Magma Geopark , he is an expert in sustainable development and project manager for several international projects. He is a pure Geologist with vast experience as a tourist guide. If you are looking for an unforgettable trip in Magma Geopark, Pål is the right person to contact!

Contact Pål

Magma Geopark

Sara Gentilini

SARA reduced

Expert in the Geoparks field, she has been involved in several projects in the field of tourism since 2009. She is currently working in the Magma Geopark and with the Emilia Romagna Apennine Geopark Project in Italy. She has a phd level study in Classical Archaeology. She loves all sports and outdoor activities and she can assist you in selecting the best Geopark adventure for you!

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Stonehammer Geopark

Gail Bremner

Gail - Swing

With over 20 years experience in the tourism industry Gail is a prominent figure in Atlantic Canada and is passionate about her community, the people who visit and sustainability for future generations.  As the Executive Director of Stonehammer Geopark she ensures visitors experience only the best and that there is something for everyone to enjoy!

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Stonehammer Geopark

Wanda  Hughes

wanda compressed

Wanda has called Saint John home for over 20 years and  during this time has worked in a variety of roles in tourism.  She is passionate about paddling, learning and the outdoors.  As the Program Coordinator for Stonehammer Geopark she makes sure locals know what the geopark is through fun community and educational programs!

Contact Wanda


Shetland  Geopark

Robina Barton


Robina has lived in Shetland for seven years but has been visiting the islands all her life. She has ten years experience of working in heritage tourism, a love of the outdoors and an in depth knowledge of Shetland’s unique heritage and culture.  She has a degree in Archaeology from the University of Glasgow and has been the Geopark Shetland Officer for five years, coordinating a range of interpretive and educational projects with community and heritage groups throughout the islands. She enjoys walking, climbing, swimming and traditional dancing and can help you plan your perfect island getaway.

Contact Robina

Shetland Geopark

Misa Hai


Misa first came to Shetland in 1999 as an exchange student with the Anderson High School and instantly fell in love with the place and the people. After completing her degree in Tourism Management and Marketing from University of Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic, she moved to Shetland and started working at Shetland Islands Tourism. After being a Marketing Executive for VisitScotland for five years she took on a new challenge of marketing Shetland at Promote Shetland. Misa is a keen walker, loves travelling, crafts, folklore, reading books and also cherishes a recently found passion for growing her own Shetland produce.

Contact Misa

Katla Geopark

Steingerður Hreinsdottir


As the executive manager of the Katla Geopark, Steingerður’s main objective is to make your visit to the area unforgettable. Her background is within regional development and therefore views the involvement of local communities as a vital part of the presentation of the geopark.  She is an enthusiast for outdoor activities and adventures, has a track record in hiking, trail running, cycling, horseback riding, quad biking, monster truck driving, flying and even gliding in the area and will be delighted to help you put together a vacation with your favourite activities.

Contact Steingerður

Katla Geopark

Ragnhildur Sveinbjarnardóttir

compressed katla

Ragnhildur was born and raised in the Katla Geopark area and has worked in tourism and tourism related projects in the area since 2000. She studied tourism management and is interested in nature, all kinds of sport, fishing and outdoor activities. The area has so much to offer whether it´s nature, culture, history, local products or activities. She can help you put together a vacation in Katla Geopark that you won’t forget.

Contact Ragnhildur


Blue Ice Explorer

Jacky Simoud


Director of Blue Ice Explorer, Greenland. Original French, came to Greenland 1976. Start working with tourism in 1989 in the Disco Bay area. Moved to South Greenland in 1996 and established Blue Ice Outfitting – later Blue Ice Explorer. His long experience will be at your disposal to organise an amazing trip!

Contact Jacky


Blue Ice Explorer

Birgitte Pedersen


Accounting and marketing in Blue Ice Explorer, Greenland. Cand. Scient Geography from Copenhagen University. Worked as tour guide in Greenland from 1999. From 2003 in Blue Ice Explorer. She support customer in choosing the right Greenland adventure!

Contact Brigitte

TORA traffic

Sámal Blahamar



Director and funder of TORA traffic. He is a travel expert and Faroes enthusiastic! He is the perfect guide for a trip in his hometown.

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