Tora Traffic- Faroe Islands Tour- Back to the Vikings

  • Destination: Faroe Islands, TORA Tourist Traffic
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Runs On: Friday
  • Suggested price: €999


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First day

Gásadalur and Tórshavn

From 9:00 until the evening

We begin at Vagar airport, the experience starts by visiting the westmost village of Gásadalur on the same island and continuing to the viking thwarts in Kvívík. If weather permits, we will drive to Norðadalsskarð where the sight of Koltur and Trøllhøvda (trollhead) is quite spectacular. Arriving in the Capitol Tórshavn, we make our way to Smyril Cruise for Tvøroyri, Suðuroy (Geopark Island).

Second day

Sumba and Akraberg

From 9:00 until the evening

The next morning we visit Sumba and Akraberg. In Sumba, we get information about the local basalt water and get a taste too. On Akraberg we have come to the southernmost point of the Faroe Islands. The guide will tell the story behind the ship Westerbeek who sailed ashore in Suðuroy in 1742. Following the road north we visit the remaining 5 municipalities Hvalba, Famjin, Hov, Porkeri, Vágur before return on Smyril Cruise for Tórshavn.Arrived in Torshavn we drive directly to Klaksvík where we will reside in the local hotel.

Third day


From 9:00 until the evening

We visit the northest village of Viðareiði neighbor to Enniberg, which is Europe’s second highest promontory 754 meters above sea level, surpassed only by 100 meters of Hornelen in Norway. Back in Klaksvík, we visit Christians Church, the biggest church the Faroese.At noon we leave the city of Klaksvík and make our way to the village of Gjógv and visit the cosy hotel Gjáargarður. Last visit on the tour is the historical village of Kirkjubøur, inhabiting the old Ólavskirkja dating back to around 1200.

The next morning we drive back from Tórshavn to FAE Airport at 07.00.